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With an extensive experience of three decades in the marketing, Geeta Wood Industries has done remarkable job in the plywood pallets industry. Founded in 1985, the company set its facility in two acres sprawling campus in Ankleshwar (Bharuch, Gujarat, India). Bharuch is an industrial hub in Gujarat and becoming one of the prominent industrial places in India, and therefore, the company has gained mileage in a short period of time. We are also well-known in the industry for flexibility and stock holding capacity of pallets and raw materials. Hence, we are able to give proper services to our customers.

We are a pioneer in the configuration, fabricate and appropriation of valued pallets, plywood pallets, plywood cut pallets and other plywood-based items in Gujarat area. As a quality-centered producer of wooden pallets, plywood pallets, plywood cut pallets, container and so forth we take into account the needs of different businesses for quality packaging and safe transportation of products. By utilizing finest hardwood and softwood, we deliver solid and strong line of plywood pallets.

We have a comprehensive involvement in the field of palletizing, and now we are one of the real organizations competent to give complete pressing arrangements. Our organization comprises of three units for the generation of beds/boxes, wooden furniture, and for the assembling of buoy glass pressing case for our significant customer "MODIGUARD". In our 25 years of experience, we have earned certainty and backing of our customers which empower us to improve in the field.

Our main goal is to give the best quality items and administrations to the clients at extremely focused costs. We have a group of experienced and devoted work force, why should conferred address the issues of customers with the ideas of conveyance duty, unwavering quality and great reasonableness.

Key Reasons To Prefer Geeta Wood Industries As Your Wooden Packing Solution Provider:

  • Experience Of Over 2 Decades- We have over 20 years of experience in the business, and years of concerted knowledge which make us an expert in the industry.
  • Financial Stability- We have a policy of re-investment in our business in order to ensure the highest level of quality & service to the customers, and it shows our good financial stability.
  • Best Turnaround Time- From the time of order placement to the time it reaches at your loading dock, we are committed to meet your order in the fastest time possible. With an experienced as well as dedicated management and production staff, we are an efficient team to provide you with excellent shipping solution.
  • Any Size Any Quantity- If you are looking for wooden pallets, plywood pallets, plywood carved pallets, crates, boxes or any kind of wooden packing, we provide the best possible solution for the same. We have capability to produce standard sizes of pallets and boxes etc., and we work to meet your requirements for any order sizes also.
  • Most Efficient & Cost Effective Solution- For years, we have been working with our clients to bring forth efficient packing solutions that are very cost-effective too. We work to meet both large and small size order in an excellent manner.
  • Large Warehouse and Raw Material Holding Capacity- We possess a large warehouse which covers a wide area of over 30000 sq. ft. Here we can store your orders until the shipment date. Also, we have 60000 sq ft area for keeping raw materials to meet your demand at any time.

Heat Treatment / ISPM-15 Facility

Heat treatment is essential for pallet boxes, especially for exportation purpose. Heat treatment has two advance conditions, and most of the countries need heat treatment for their pallet boxes. At our facility, we give appropriate heat treatment in accordance to global parameters. All lumber is treated for phytosanitary  measure ISPM-15. All lumber is used in the pallets, which is treated according to the requirement of ISPM of 15.

What is Heat Treating?

Heat treatment is a phytosanitary strategy, which is needful for all wood bundling materials used in the universal shipments. This procedure disposes of irritations, for example, Asian Long-Horned Beetle and Pinewood Nematode which may represent a threat to yields and woodlands. The procedure was produced by IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention), and it is portrayed in ISPM 15.

How It Works?

The Pallets are placed in a specific chamber and heated up according to the particular criteria. For ISPM 15 compliance, a 56 degrees Celsius or 133 Fahrenheit wood core temperature must be reached & retained for a time of 30 minutes, or more. Short wood packaging needs either fumigation with methyl bromide (MB) or heat treatment (HT) to core temperature of 56C for 30 minutes.

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